Josh Weber, CEO

Josh co-founded Ledger8760 with Josh Griffin in 2017. A leading energy law attorney and partner at a premier West Coast law firm, Josh guided publicly-owned utilities and large industrial and commercial consumers through the process of obtaining renewables, transmission rights, market power, and environmental attributes. Josh developed an intimate understanding of the pain points that create market friction and inefficiencies and that prevent acceleration of renewables and decentralization. His experience with regulatory commissions and the federal agencies responsible for reliability, market oversight, and ratemaking shaped Ledger8760’s strategy of developing solutions that are fully compliant with existing regulation, while building the framework for industry realignment.

Josh Griffin, CDO

Josh Griffin, a former elected state legislator, founded one of the most successful public affairs firms in the Western United States, where he has represented many of the largest tech, gaming, mining and health-care companies in the world. Armed with a firm belief that responsible tech can illuminate new solutions to problems that politics cannot solve, he approached Josh Weber with a proposal to team up and tackle energy and carbon emissions. Josh envisioned a company that would apply data solutions to an arcane energy industry that was still dominated by the same structure with which it emerged in the early 20th century. As Chief Development Officer, Josh and his team have built partnerships with leading U.S. companies, and Josh has spearheaded Ledger’s European operations.

Brooke Steger, COO

Brooke started her entrepreneurial career when she founded her first start-up in college. She worked with many of Seattle’s leading entrepreneurs until 2011, when she joined Uber – then a little known ride-share start-up. At Uber she developed new approaches to facilitate regulatory acceptance of disruptive technologies – while operating a $1Bn business. She managed over 30,000 independent contractors as well as a large internal team that helped shape the future of Uber with its launch of uberX, Pedal, and Eats. Brooke joined Josh and Josh in 2018 as Ledger8760 matured from a side project to a fast moving and rapidly growing company. Brooke was crucial in negotiating the terms of Ledger8760’s first major investment ($3 milion), and applied her experience to shape the company’s dynamic structure and aggressive development of new technologies.