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Develop a sustainability roadmap from compliance to leadership.

A true end-to-end solution, NZero is a real-time data and decarbonization platform that helps business leaders achieve their sustainability and operational goals by automating data collection, streamlining regulatory compliance and enabling more accurate recommendations for a profitable path to net zero.

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Climate progress you can measure and your stakeholders can stand behind.

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NZero’s comprehensive platform helps businesses of all sizes jumpstart their strategic plans and expedite decarbonization across a sprawling portfolio, while communicating progress to stakeholders and propelling ROI-positive solutions.

The carbon accounting industry still manually aggregates data and calculates emissions using outdated averages, yielding error rates of more than 25%. In fact, many climate programs lack the data granularity necessary to achieve and verify reductions in carbon emissions. 

NZero automates the ingestion of energy consumption data by the hour, by asset, then enriches and standardizes it to bring emissions and costs across an entire building portfolio seamlessly into view. 

Without higher granularity meter data, any pledge or plan to decarbonize may fall short. Recommendations and investments may not deliver against the cost or carbon emissions reductions goals stakeholders expect.

Powered by AI and machine learning, NZero’s platform uses advanced algorithms and proprietary simulation methods that when combined with better data produce retrofit effect predictions more accurately than anything else on the market. 

Other carbon tracking platforms only provide the data, which leaves customers responsible for reporting, along with its added costs. 

With NZero, GHG reporting is built-in to our core platform – saving you time and money and ensuring an audit-ready data trail is available when you need it. Easily export reports aligned with global standards, such as TCFD, GRESB, CDP, SASB and GRI.

Our team of environmental, data and policy experts, and network of trusted partners help ensure data accuracy, confirm eligibility for Federal and State tax and financial incentives, set reduction targets and select the most impactful interventions. Manage stakeholder needs and transform your business with our team behind you every step of the way.

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Success Story

Reaching New Heights in Climate Action.

Atlantic Aviation needed to collect and integrate its emissions data streams for more than 100 sites across the U.S., each with multiple utilities and meters, into a single view and have it accessible to every team member enacting commercially viable emissions reduction solutions. Read how NZero onboarded 18 months of energy and emissions data in one month and delivered site-level assessments and recommendations that were both environmentally responsible and commercially viable.

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Emissions Tracking

Measuring across scopes

  • Scope 1

    NZero calculates Scope 1 GHG emissions in strict adherence to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP). Activity and energy consumption data are gathered through direct feeds from utilities, APIs or SFTP connections. In cases where full automation is not feasible, NZero collaborates with you to establish data upload channels, streamlining processes and minimizing manual efforts. 

    We implement a continuous plan for integrating data into the NZero system, ensuring a robust and auditable path for compliance reporting and transparency.

  • Scope 2

    NZero specializes in the accurate tracking and calculation of Scope 2, delivering location-based and market-based inventories and ensuring adherence to GHGP Scope 2 Guidance. This ensures compliance with dual reporting requirements and enables companies to spotlight their financial energy market activities.

    We employ an advanced grid study which considers the seasonal, daily and hourly variation in location-based emissions factors to provide a more accurate and detailed measurement. The grid study uses facility-specific and resource-specific data that is matched to actual generation dispatch and linked to the time of consumption. We also offer customers flexibility in choosing different emission factor sets, such as the annual eGRID factors, to be applied to their data as desired.

  • Scope 3

    The GHGP outlines 15 categories of Scope 3 emissions, and NZero provides assistance in tracking each of these categories tailored to your business operations.

    Our methodology starts with a Scope 3 materiality assessment and a workshop dedicated to creating a Scope 3 data collection roadmap with internal stakeholders. We collaborate with your team to identify and collect Scope 3 data, creating essential tools such as online surveys, automated integrations and educational resources. 

Our Clients

It's important to have visibility into our carbon emissions, understand where they are coming from and how we can decrease them moving forward. This will be impactful not only for us, but for others in the world of sports looking for examples of sustainable business in our industry. We're excited to work with NZero for insight and guidance on this important topic.

Christopher Sotiropulos

Christopher Sotiropulos

Vice President of Stadium Operations, Las Vegas Raiders
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