Ledger8760 Technology to Power Tomorrow’s Grid


Our Purpose

Distributed Resources.
Demand Side Participation.
Data Drives the Emerging Grid.

Ledger8760 is a data-driven energy services company and technology platform that connects consumers to energy markets and infrastructure. Supported by Ledger’s DLT (a Corda-enabled blockchain), Ledger customers manage their facilities and consumption with an intuitive interface and unprecedented data access. Additionally, the platform provides a pathway to meet sustainability goals and painlessly maintain compliance with regulatory and legal obligations.

Why Use Ledger?

More control, lower costs.

The Ledger8760 Dashboard is a unique tool that enhances your company’s integration with the energy ecosystem, facilitating financial reporting, contract administration, decision making, payments and workflows making life simpler for both the provider and the consumer. Using tools derived from cutting-edge blockchain technology, such as chain of custody and cryptographic assurances, the Ledger 8760 Distributed Trading Platform reduces transaction costs and disputes, and allows for instant monthly account reconciliation, saving time and money. z

Changing the way you look at energy

Our Solution


Real-time integration of market conditions, grid events, and facilities


Trustless dispute & curtailment resolution


One-click financial reporting


Transparent trading platform

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