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The Standard

Insights and success stories from the NZero community. Because decarbonization deserves a new standard.

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Global Perspectives

In Conversation: Josh Weber and Valérie Mitan

Co-founder Josh Weber sat down with NZero's VP of Environmental Science, Valérie Mitan, to talk about the state of sustainability and the fight against climate change.

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Why I'm Optimistic About the Future of Sustainability Legislation

The evolution of climate legislation and the need for a balanced approach, leveraging technology, and promoting transparency and collaboration among governments and the private sector.

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Success Stories

The Las Vegas Raiders and Allegiant Stadium Turn Football’s Biggest Game Green

How the Las Vegas Raiders and Allegiant Stadium turned an energy grid in the desert green and made history.

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Expert Advice

GHG Protocol Update and the Push for Granular Data

GHG Protocol establishes a comprehensive and credible accounting foundation for businesses to help ensure organizations are able to measure, plan, and track progress toward science-based and net-zero targets. Notably, there was a strong interest in hourly, granular carbon accounting for both location-based and market-based approaches, emphasizing accuracy, specificity, and accessibility.

GHG Protocol Update and the Push for Granular Data