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Environmental regulations are enacted every day and affect health systems and healthcare providers around the country – from new local building performance standards to state and Joint Commission Reporting requirements. The cost of non-compliance is no longer an ‘if,’ but a ‘when,’ forcing organizations to prioritize decarbonization planning in an effort to avoid catastrophic disruptions to their operations. 

NZero is guiding organizations around the country through this complex regulatory environment, helping to minimize and avoid penalties, maximize incentives and realize an achievable and successful path to net zero.

Performance Standards for Buildings Are Here. And Non-compliance Can Be Costly.

46 jurisdictions, representing 25% of all buildings in the United States have signed on to support Building Performance Standards (BPS). And the number of jurisdictions will only grow.


These Standards require building owners to reduce their environmental impact or face consequences, usually in the way of fines which can sometimes exceed $500,000 per year, per building. 

With NZero, customers can quickly identify hotspots in their portfolio that are non-compliant and take action not only to avoid fines, but also to capture potential incentives through utility, state and federal programs.

New York City’s Local Law 97

NYC LL97 requires building owners not to exceed emissions thresholds, which are reduced every five years until net zero emissions in 2050. Thresholds and fines are nuanced, but related to building type, use, size and location.

The Building Energy Exchange has created an emissions threshold and non-compliance fines calculator. Below are the associated fines for a large healthcare campus (Includes Laboratory, General Hospital and Urgent Care Facility) totaling 4,000,000 square feet.

Compliance Period

Denver’s ‘Energize Denver’

In Denver, building owners must adhere to Energy Usage Intensity (EUI) targets based on property type, with fines imposed for non-compliance if these targets aren't met.

A penalty calculator distributed by Energize Denver’s regulators estimates that an 891,000 square foot hospital will be required to pay the following penalties assuming no further reductions from current EUI.

Annual Carbon Threshold

How NZero Delivers

Because the path to BPS compliance can be challenging, NZero serves as data and direction to avoid fines and maximize incentives. We couple granular data with best-in-class services consulting to meet your organization wherever you may be in your sustainability journey. 

  1. For any built asset in our platform, our Rapid Emissions Profiling tool can explore tens of thousands of simulations and precalculate possible retrofit and behavioral opportunities quickly. With limited information, we can search and prioritize high-emitting buildings across a customer’s portfolio and prioritize investment by the magnitude of energy, cost and emissions reduction possibilities.
  2. Once a priority list is generated, actual data can be ingested automatically into the NZero platform through meters, sub-meters, on-site renewables and IoT. On an asset-level basis, our customers can view real-time emissions and energy data, at the highest level of granularity, continuously.
  3. The granular data we collect is the biofuel that powers NZero’s advanced AI/ML tools, enabling hyper-specific asset insights, forecasting, ongoing portfolio cost and emissions performance optimizations and one-click reporting and support for communicating your net zero success.

Reduce costs, risks and your carbon footprint.

All in one easy-to-use platform.

For sustainability leaders, by sustainability leaders.